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Baby, where did we go wrong?

by captain on September 17th, 2010

What happened to education?  It’s started to suck.  I’m not sure if it’s strictly a continuation high thing…or a general kind of sucking that is consuming the whole profession…but I tell ya…I’ve got to get a different gig here soon.   I wake each Monday with that sense of dread and a, “I can’t believe I’m actually going BACK there today” attitude.  Then I make the long drive to work…my mood and whatever goodness the weekend has brought me vanishes completely by the time I pull into the lot.

I’m not cut out for this.

I think my whole attitude shifted greatly last week when I got told to “f*** off.”

Now, I’ve been told that a lot…I’ve had my share of curse outs at the hands of students throughout the years.  I think what sets this one off the most, is the fact I now know what it’s like to be appreciated…

I’ve been doing some other teaching gigs part time on my weekends for paying customers, who generally like me, what I do, and value the education I provide them.

You know what.  It’s friggin’ amazing.  Who knew that being appreciated, paid accordingly, and respected could be so damn fun?  I REALLY like it.

So when a kid told me to ‘F*** off’, for of all things, wanting to have a classroom where the main topic of conversation wasn’t centered around fighting…I have to say.  That’s when it hit me. 

There is NO reason anyone should have to put up with that.  Ever. 

That’s only the tail end of the conversation as well…the entire thing went something like this.

Kids having a conversation about fighting.

Me:  Hey…let’s get back to work and stop the talk about fighting…

10 minutes pass…and then the conversation hasn’t changed.

Me:  alright…just go sit in the office, and you can talk about what you want there.

Kid:  We can’t talk about what the f*** we want?!?

Me:  No.  You can’t. 

Kid:  That’s…f**** bulls***!

Me: Go on…just go.

Kid:  mumbled word  F** off…mumble mumble.   Granted…in thinking he MAY have said F*** YOU…instead of F*** off…but really I’m not going to stress over it.

My principal calls later to confirm.

“Did he say F*** off or F*** this?”

“It may have been F*** You…but I’m going with F*** off…”

“Are you sure?”

“Uh…90%…yeah it was ONE of those two…”

To him there is a difference…to ME there is no difference whatsoever.   If I ask someone to do something they say F*** THIS!, aren’t they pretty much saying…F*** OFF? or F*** YOU?  

The fact it was even a question totally offended me. 

While I was offended…I sort of get it.  I’ll explain more in the next post.  Principals (especially in our case) almost have to take this approach with things…I’ll get into that more next post.

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