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Year 6- eww.

by captain on November 13th, 2008

My home hospital student is driving me crazy….but I can sympathize with her situation…so it’s hard to do anything other than be unresponsive.

The girl must be 17…has TWO kids…and lives in what I can best describe as gross-city. I’ve been going there for several weeks…and I still have no clue who actually lives in the residence, and who is just ‘hanging out’ There is trash everywhere….front yard….inside…everywhere. There’s food left out all over…it smells. Then there is the flies; Hundreds of flies inside…outside…they’re everywhere. Not to be overly humorous…but the only time I see that many flies is when they’re attached to starving kids in Africa on TV.

The people inhabiting the place don’t seem overly concerned either….someone is usually involved in a game of Grand Theft Auto when I arrive…and one wall is littered with maps and codes for the game.

In my opinion…it’s not REALLY the kind of place I would want to live…let alone raise two kids…one of which is only about 3 weeks old.

How do you handle it? My real goal is to make sure she has homework…knows how to do it…and is getting it completed. What I want to do is say.

“Look you live in absolute squalor….I just saw an actual pig walk by and decline entrance. YOU ARE RAISING KIDS! PULL YOUR HEAD FROM YOUR ASS AND CLEAN THIS PLACE UP…if not for guests….FOR YOUR BABIES!!!

The kids are always clean, as far as kids go…and appear fed…and loved….but the place they inhabit is foul.

When I look at it another way…I guess, technically, I am paying for it…I could tell them to clean it.

The whole thing is ridiculous.

However…I can’t even fathom what life would be like in that situation. Undereducated…raising two kids….nobody I know has any clue how to perform ANY kind of job…or basic task. Apathy has taken over this house…and doesn’t appear to be willing to release its fat rear from their couch anytime soon.

What made the situation kind of tick me off was when I heard a student here say..

“Oh yeah she wants 7 kids…”


I don’t think she has that role model in life that can smack her upside the cranium and get her motivated…

When I see places like this…it does make me seriously consider forced sterilization for some folks….they need stricter rules for people to have kids.

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