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Year 6- Welcome Baaaaaaaack

by captain on October 22nd, 2008

I’m back.  For how long, I’ve no idea…but for now…I’ve things to discuss…and am going to do so…let’s get right into it.


I got bit by a dog yesterday.  That’s always awesome.  How many educators can say that? I got BIT…by a dog…at my job.  I have a home school student….and they have dogs.  Many dogs is what they actually have….only one, however, was of any concern to me….and rightly so apparently.


Three of the dogs are in the Chihuahua size range…and while their matching sweatshirts are a tad intimidating…I doubt they could inflict any damage.   The 4th dog…a black lab…named aptly enough ‘Cuda…which I can only assume is short for barracuda…seemed nothing less than hostile from the first time I saw him. 


Yesterday I arrived…as always…and the dogs were outside.  However…after I had taken my seat to begin working with the student…some old guy, that eerily resembled the oldest dude from A Texas ‘Chainsaw Massacre’ came home from who knows where and let the dogs in.


The lab ran straight for me.  There was some kind of wet nose on my hand, immediately followed by a set of teeth on my jacket.  Luckily I had pulled my arm closer to my body, in anticipation of his frothy anger…so he only got my coat….but it was close enough that I’m going to bring a knife with me from now on…so I can stab that filthy sucker if he comes for me again.


When I left…the kid’s father walked me out and said….


“Lemmie make sure the dogs are put up….don’t gotta worry bout the little ones…but you do with the lab.”


No kidding…


I just needed to get that off my chest…but the main reason I’ve resumed my duties as Captain…


This year we have the most immature set of students we’ve ever had here.  Ever.  It’s ridiculous.  That’s why I needed to bring the Captain out of retirement…I am unable to grasp the levels of which the kids perform without him.  They take immaturity to a new level. 


I have many new and exciting examples I’ll enjoy sharing with you as the weeks progress…I can’t promise any drawings…because my scanner is whacked up…but hopefully my words will do some justice to the crazy world I’ve been thrown into.


I WAS actually content in my job…and situation…which is why I discontinued the writing…there was nothing to write about.  I worked hard and the kids responded.  Life was, by all accounts…routine…and boring.  NOW…I work hard, and the kids get more retarded by the second.  It’s unbelievable.  The more I try to engage them…the worse they act.


Come join me again won’t you….let’s get this band back together.

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