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Year 5….Tuesdays are not nice.

by captain on October 2nd, 2007

I planned on getting an apple fritter today, and managed to convince myself that I was actually going to have the time to stop an purchase it….I tried two places.  Both had doughnuts. Neither had apple fritters. Ruined my morning…

Tomorrow…I’m all over a fritter. 

Today seems like a Monday, and I don’t like that.  Granted, we have minimum days all week…which means getting done earlier, which means more time to sit and do nothing, which I like. 

I also heard today 2 of my lesser favorite kids have been asked not to come back to school.  The kid who was really angry, and gruff with me….he’s not coming back.  That’s nice, but also potentially scary.  It’s my fault he’s not coming back.  I wrote him a referral for ‘going to the restroom’ and not returning in a decent time frame….and it broke his discipline contract, so he’s gone… he might come for me.   The other kid was involved in the whole guns and brew fiasco…and he’d been on a short leash anyway…so that was ammo enough for the admin. to fire him out of here.

Either way, my days are brighter….

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  1. The Gambler permalink

    ‘Timely manor” ?????? Did the kid live in a nice estate that looked like a clock?

  2. Sam permalink

    the gambler is not funny.

  3. Sam permalink

    the gambler is not funny.

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