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Year 5- Runnin’ from the Po-leeece

by captain on October 15th, 2007

I dislike Mondays.  The first thing I heard this morning was a girl at our school talking about how she’s not fond of the police.  Her rant went something like this.

“Sh** I don’t like the mofo’g’n polees….I run from to po-lees…das all you gots to do…is run from ’em jump fences, hide out in friends’ hous’sss I’m lil f*** da po-leees…and I straight run from’m they ain’t gonna ctach me…hell NO….I dunn’t twice so far….I don’t like the po-leeece…”

The funniest part is that this girl is white….and not only white, but white with red hair…and pushing about 3 bills….she’s not running from anything or anybody unless it’s leaving a trail of milk duds…

My home school student is not close to recovery.  That’s good and bad.  good because it keeps up my extra income, and bad because it can’t be fun to be laid up like that for a kid. 

They have a pitbull who doesn’t bite.  It does fart on you though.  It farted on me the other day, then took off outside.  Thanks dog. 

Sad as it seems is that I’m starting to detect patterns in some of the kids who are in this situation.  First off usually they’ve got some condition…in this case the girl was drilled by a jetski, and it broke her fibula in a couple spots…ouch.  That’s a legit injury.  The problem is that kids who are in the lower income levels end up on home school, and like it…it’s eaiser in that they have an hour of school a day, brought to their door. 

I’ve noticed that almost every lower income place I’ve gone to has a thing for afternoon talk shows…primarily Montel Williams.   It’s kind of scary.  I can recall at least 5 places I’ve been where Montel was an afternoon staple.   The funniest is watching people watch Montel.  They always say things like,

“ohhhh noo…  Sh**…..Oh man…”

Then sometimes I see tears, if it’s a sad episode.   IT’S MONTEL.  C’MON if you were actually out trying to be part of society, maybe you could do something…sitting at home while you pit- farts on you…and watching Montel is not a productive way to better your childs life.

Just a hunch. 

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  1. It was the dog that farted. Riiiiiiiiight.

  2. Eduardo permalink

    Dude… you totally got a pit clinger.

  3. Sam permalink

    oh man, this made me laugh so hard i cried like a sad episode of montel…

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