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Year 5- OK, enough already….

by captain on October 11th, 2007

Seriously, kids….let’s stop with the school shootings.  First off, you’re not really very good at it.  Posting your intentions on MySpace is borederline retarded.  You keep getting caught.  Secondly, it’s not really nice.  It’s not your teachers fault you’re an outcast, or failing Trig.  If you want to stop getting beat up, and made fun of start by taking off the black clothing and the dark make-up, and try opening up a shade or two in the house.

I know…winter is on the way, and you have that urge to drop deeper into depression, but I suggest you just forget that.  Getting a gun, and trying to learn how to use it is tougher than you think.  Just because you own at playing Halo 3 does not make you a crack shot.  Real guns are harder to shoot, maybe if you ever left your room and tried going outdoors and taking some practice, you’d know that.

If you’ve got troubles…find some help.  People already think you’re a fruit loop….planning to kill them only makes them certain.  I understand, its’ “your-space”  but plotting the destruction of educators is a waste of time.  If you REALLY have the desire to shoot someone, join the military, or move to ‘the Iraq’ and just join the crowd.

I for one am getting a little tired of reading how the police are busting you for trying to plot a shooting of ‘Columbine proportions’  Let’s try to find a little more productive way to spend our free time…maybe if you were doing your scholastic duties instead of writing smarmiegirl0034459 about how life is so unfair, and you’re going to off the school…people wouldn’t think you were such a moron, and they’d stop beating you up, and maybe…just maybe they might ask for help on their homeworf from you…and you’d make a friend.

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