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Year 5- Just don’t draw pot pipes.

by captain on October 10th, 2007

Kids are not always so bright.  I have an art student who is doing a design project, that consists of a lot of shapes, lines, freeform stuff.  He put a pot pipe shape in his drawing.

[Kid] Like it?

[Captain] looks good, except you can’t put pipes in your drawinhgs….

[Kid] Where? Why do you know what a pot pipe looks like

[Captain] Uh…I went to college, plus I’m not a moron…just take it out.


What is with all the shootings in schools, and threats of shootings. Yikes.  I’m actually a little bit afraid.  I work  with the kids who are actually unstable, and would shoot someone.  Some kids in this area MySpaced the fact they wanted to kill their teachers, and low and behold….it got back to the school.

These kids will eventually end up here, where all bad decision makers end up.  The teachers were pissed because the kids weren’t expelled.  Being as they never actually threatend a live person, they are only suspended….from what I understand.  I’d be a little pissed if someone threatend to kill me, then was let back in school.  I’d also harass the kid everyday.

“HEY, you gonna kill me today?” I’d be curious…

“Can I use the restroom?”

“You gonna come back with a 9mil and shoot me?”


“Go ahead.”

People who shoot people don’t put it on myspace, they keep diaries.  Those are the kids you need to worry about, the ones with diaries.   It just seems that gunfire is the new shiek way to handle depression and school angst.  I’m serious, it could happen here one day…I just don’t know when, and hope I’m on vacation.  While I like to think we have a safe school, and people get along here…we also have a bunch of kids with severe home issues…and well, they’re heads aren’t right…they don’t make good choices, and they like violence.

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