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Year 5- There were hornets in that thing?

by captain on September 10th, 2007

A couple funny things.


First, today someone tried to pass my work off as their own.  This always happens. I lend out a packet I’ve worked on for an example…(so kids can see what it looks like done correctly).  It disappears.  It resurfaces weeks later with someone’s name on it.  That happened this morning…only with a twist.  A girl had put her name on it, and some boy was claiming she stole HIS packet.


The minute I saw it, I knew it was mine.  I know my own work. 


[Thief 1] This is mine…some girl put her name on it.

[Captain] (looking at work…recognizing it) Oh that’s neither of yours that’s MY example.

[Thief 1] WHA?! Now he gon’ say that’s his…. (he says to a classmate)

[Captain} It IS mine…I had started it as an example, and it went missing…now I’ve found it. 

[Theif 1] yeah….this is yours…wgatever.

[Captain]  Look me in the eye and tell me you did this.


He tried but looked away at the last second….


[Captain] That’s what I thought….


Then I took the packet and left.  The kid is horrible at shading so far, there’s no way he did it.  That makes me so angry, and it happens 2 or 3 times a year. 



Second funny thing happened on Friday. 


The kids were waiting by the door for the bell to ring.  I have to wait there with them, or else one will try to sneak away early. 


A wasp was flying in the hall and one of my students smacked it from the sky with his binder.  I don’t know why he has a binder, he doesn’t use it…but he killed the wasp with it…then followed by saying.


“Now I can smoke it…”


I couldn’t let this go without response.


[Captain] Smoke a wasp? Are you serious?

[Bug Boy] Yeah, kind of, I know people who do…you can get hella’ high off one I guess.

[Captain] You can get high off smoking a freakin’ hornet?

[Bug Boy] I ain’t done it….but I guess you can.

Then a third party enters….

[Bug Boy 2]  I have friend who smoked a cricket…

[Captain] What?

[Bug Boy] Yeah…put it in the bowl and smoked the whole thing.

[Bug Boy 1] See…you can totally smoke bugs….



I’m baffled….Kids will literally get high off of anything.  When they’ve taken to smokin’ the bugs….all hell is sure to break loose any day.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    It’s been far too long since you posted a drawing, and this is SCREAMING for one.

    I can’t believe your students are smoking cricket dankie.

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