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Year 5- Get my 3-day on.

by captain on August 31st, 2007

I’m about to go on 3 days of much needed rest.  I know, I just got back from 3 months of rest…but the first 2 weeks of school are brutal on teachers.  We’ve got so many new kids here I hardly know anyone.  My classes are still mostly well behaved.  I’m not particularly fond of my last period of the day.  Not only is it the last period of the day…it’s the largest class.  Not only is it the largest class, it’s split into two different courses.  This makes teaching hard.  The kids in economics are already a chapter back of the other econ class. 

One thing makes me kind of sad….There just aren’t the stories there used to be.  Kids still go get plowed on Tuesday nights, they just don’t have the time to discuss it as much.  I teach too much now.  I guess that’s a good thing, but I miss their free time discussing the making of watermelon bongs. 

I went to my home-school student yesterday.  The kid is still in the hospital and I wanted to drop off some work.  There were 4 of 5 people just gathered around…not one of them was the mom, or guradian type person.  I’m thinking this might be my best chance to be somewhere when a drug sting goes down. That day is coming…I go to some pretty hard core places, with some shifty behavior going on…one of these days I’m going to be there when a drug bust happens, or when someone gets shot.

The pit bull wasn’t even home…Maybe Mike Vick found out, ‘he don’t bite…’

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