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Year 5 Day 6- The Best….Ever

by admin on August 22nd, 2007

Yesterday, I neglected to write because the techie was here fixing my computer issues. Great, right? The only problem is that he never really fixed anything. I asked him to fix the printers… I think they might work. I asked him to map my computer so I had access to our student directory… it makes saving work for kids so much easier. That didn’t get done. I asked him to install my music program, so I could listen to all my music. That didn’t get done. I had the program, all he had to do was click install. 5 minutes work. I asked him to install Photoshop… didn’t get done. I’m not sure what he actually did. He was here for 30 minutes and I’m not sure if anything was finished. He said he had to do something with the server, left, and never returned.

The actual classes are going well. I have no complaints about them yet… I’m waiting though… the honeymoon has to end sometime. I did have one kid ask me if I wanted to go to a “kegger.,Aeu Tuesday night keggers… .wow. I guess he won’t be studying.

Something vital I forgot to mention on Friday. We had our welcome back rah-rah meeting, and our superintendent made the comment, “Let’s have the best year ever.,Aeu He made the comment at least 3 times. Can we start a movement to take away that saying from our vocabulary?

My issue…

What if we did have the best year ever? Where would be our incentive for the rest of my years working? Sure, the people who retired after this year would end on a good note.

“Yeah, this was my last year… but hey, it WAS the best year EVER.,Aeu

What about the rest of us? What would our rah-rah speech be next year?

“Well… as many of you know, last year WAS the best year EVER, and frankly, that can’t be topped… so I’d like us to just get to 75% of last years greatness, and that’d be fantastic… .,Aeu

It would be hard coming back every year if you knew the best year had already been accomplished.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    Maybe you should shoot to have “the most MEDIOCRE year ever”. It could turn out to be a bigger challenge than you think.

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