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Year 5- Day 4 Aftermath

by admin on August 20th, 2007

Crazy….I’ll use that word to describe today. It went by quick. We have so many new kids here…it was nuts trying to figure out who left off where last year, and who was new. Thank goodness I keep good records, I was able to put people where they were really at, not where they wanted to be.

There’s a few kids who are just going to be trouble. I’ve seen the crazy look in their eyes….they think this will be their personal utopia. There are also a few kids from last year, who have forgotten that because they’ve been going to school here for 7 years, they still can’t make the rules.

My toughest challenge this year is the Geography/Economics split class. I’m not sure how I’m going to do thaat yet. Whether I’ll put the 12 geography kids on self study, and just monitor them as I can…and teach specifically to the economics kids…or alternate days. It’s a screwed up class. Requiring one group to work and keep quiet while the other listens to lecture….it’ll be tough. Right now I’m leaning towards putting them all on packet work and just waiting for test days….no, I kid…

I’m going to probably teach one halg one day, then go over the stuff the other worked on the next, then flip it back. It’ll suck.

In good news, I did get a bunch of returning art kids this year…that makes me happy…now if only my art supplies would come in…

I’m still waiting on the techies to come update my computer. I have no access to my napster account to play music in my art classes…which sounds petty, but I have a lot of music to play…and I have an account…I’d like to use it. I also need photoshop installed…the district has a copy…and it needs to be put on my machine…should be easy. I also have a printer that needs installed, and I don’t have administrative rights on my own machine to do that.

I like a couple of the tech guys…but it seems they don’t have access either…
We have a tech circus here….start the clown music.

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