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Year 4—Whom do I root for?

by admin on May 9th, 2007

As educators we’re supposed to try hard and push all students equally towards graduation. I get this…but when I have a couple kids who just won’t do what is asked of them…I take offense to it..then I actually start to root against them…in fact, I probably make it harder than necessary on them. I feel bad. I tell myself…I need to just be nice, and help them get done…give them breaks, and let them slide a bit. I tell myself that. Then the next day, when I’ve mentally forgiven them for being obnoxious…they do it again, and quickly I’m right back to rooting for them to fail. If you’re in school reading this…let this be a lesson to you. Do what your teachers ask of you…don’t argue, just be quiet and do your work.

If your teacher is Michael Jackson…then disregard what I just said.

I just don’t get why some of these kids won’t do the work I ask of them. The one in particular. She will not follow directions, everything becomes a power struggle. She says she’ll come and take her test. She doesn’t. I tell her she has no more retakes. She flips out. She won’t sit where she’s supposed to. She wants to go out of class all the time. I won’t let her. It gets old.

She’s pushed the buttons of every staff member we have here from the office manager to the principal. Nobody is on her side anymore, which makes me feel bad. I try to talk myself into being nicer to her goal of graduation…then she makes me angry again.

it’s ridiculous.

Thankfully we’re only a few weeks from being done. June 1st is the last day to turn in work.
I’m in the process of trying to figure out what I can do to this site to make it better for next year. I apologize for the lack of drawings this year. I apologize for the lack of daily writing.
I’m going to try and do that a bit more next year. I’d like to redesign the site a bit too…being as it will be year 5.

I may make t-shirts.

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  1. The Gambler permalink

    Yes, our Captain has really been slacking this year….but I do want a shirt to wear when I’m betting horses.

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