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Year 4—Slingin mud and droppin bombs

by admin on May 11th, 2007

It’s my fault… it always comes down to me. It seems that if there is a student 4 credits from graduating it always comes down to being in one of my classes. In addition to my favorite young lady this year who power struggles with me every day… I have a new one who needs 7 credits in art in 2 -Ohm weeks. The VP is pissed at me because I won’t just let it slide… I won’t just give her 7 credits of work. He’s making all kinds of excuses… he came to me with some freak packet of art stuff that the independent study people use for their art credits… I sent it back saying it was worth MAYBE 1 credit, but it was just busy work used by a program without a certificated art instructor.

The lady in question who needs these 7 credits is not even IN one of my art classes, nor has she been for the entire time she’s been going to school here. I can’t even feel sorry for her. The problem is that the girls mom has been in yelling at the VP… and he’s a non confrontational dude by nature, so he’s trying to deflect the issue to me… or anyone. He tried to get the PE teacher to give art credits.

He even used some profanity regarding me to the PE teacher. I guess I’m a bad guy for not dulling down my standards.

Hey… if she’s able to actually DO 7 credits worth of quality artwork in 2 -Ohm weeks… I’ll give it to her… but I’m not giving credit for something I haven’t at least seen the progress on. If I had someone in my class for a few sessions, and I could see their ability level… I wouldn’t have trouble believing they did some work at home…if someone who hasn’t passed any of my assignments for me tries to turn in a bunch of artwork they did at home… I can’t give them credits for that.

Won’t happen.

In other news, one of our teacher told us she’s getting divorced today…everyone was stunned. I had no idea what to say…just that hey…I’m around if you need help moving or anything.

I’ve been almost in that situation…and it’s not fun.

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