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Year 4 Day 129- The end is near….

by admin on March 1st, 2007

A few things to report.

1) The 4th session ends tomorrow. The year is 2/3 over. Tha’t nice. My schedule is the same next session as it was this session. I’ve got no real opinions on that. I’m just mainly glad that it’s all almost done. This year has finally started to take a bitout of me. I think it’s just that there’s not much to look forward to at this point. The kids have decided whether or not they think they can graduate. Those that can are putting forth maximum effort. Those who can’t, have ceased their effort. They’re doing just enough to not get kicked out.

2) We have the opening for the student art show tomorrow night. It should be good. Being as we won best in show…it’ll be good to be there. I think the kid who actually won the award will be there too…that’s nice. The district newsletter actually made mention of the fact we got pieces in the show. They failed to mention the fact we won BEST of show, but they mentioned it none the less…

3) Negotiations still suck. maybe we need a super agent…in 2 weeks we’re switching to contract hours. This means we only do those things that are actually required of us. No subbing for other teachers, no extra dutuies, nothing. It’s kind of a pain. It puts us in awkward positions to have to tell people ‘NO.’ which sucks.

4) Someone is getting moved back to the comprehensive high school next year. It could be me. Due to the fact the district is losing a bunch of people, in debt, and in need of giving th eteachers a raise…they’re not going to refill any positions from outside applicants…this means the opening at the high school must be filled within the district. That means one of 4 people…myself being included.

I’m the bottom of those 4 people senority wise, I also teach high school art now…I think I’m going. I’m OK with it. I’m not going to push for it…but if it happens. I’ll go. It’d be weird though. I’d have to redesign.

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