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Year 4- (8 Weeks Left) 2 days and counting until Easter break.

by admin on March 28th, 2007

I put a few classes in seating charts today. I find that it helps. It’s not something I would do under normal circumstances, but due to the ending of the year approaching, and lack of focus…I had no other choice. The kids hate them, but I really don’t care. They behave much better with one. They’re stuck.

A girl called me, “stupid” today.

I found it amusing. THe rest of the day whenever she asked me a question I responded, “I don’t know if that’s possible…I am stupid. Stupid people probably couldn’t do that.”

She didn’t find it amusing.

The meeting approaches…Friday, 8am. Why they scheduled it in the morning, when I have school is beyond me…but hey. I’m still not real thrilled about the fact I have to interview to teach in my own district…at a school where they hired me, originally, to teach. There’s a big part of me that wants to send an “agent” on my behalf.

If they need 4 people to figure out whether or not I should be transferred…then I don’t see why I can’t just send a representative with my demands…Pac-Man Jones.

I think if I could send Pac-Man, it might be as unpleasant a process for them as it has been for for me. There is also a big part of me who wants to get approved to transfer, then tell them, “stick it…I ain’t goin’. How do you like it?”

That process would be bad for me, because in addition to pissing them all off, they’ve got override rules on me…and they’d send me anyway.

Oh. I almost forgot. We got a raise. 2.5% Wowieee Wooo, king in the castle. King in the castle. We also got a one time bonus, that will be largely eaten up by taxes. Thanks. I guess it was all that we could possibly get this time around though. Really, I’m just sick of the whole compensation thing. Teachers don’t get paid what they deserve. People will argue for and against that until they’re blue in the face.

A teacher makes good money if A) They’re single, or B) They live in the midwest. People will argue that teachers make good money, but they get soooooo much time off that it’s worth it. Yeah…the time off is nice, but we don’t get paid for it. We may elect to have our checks borken down, and divided up…but we don’t get paid for not working. If I were single, no kids….my salary would rock my world. Married with two kids…my salary ain’t great. There is a reason I drive an 11-year old car with 210K miles on it. I can’t afford a newer one.

If someone sees Oprah around…let her know, I need a new car. She gave a bunch of teachers new computers and what not a few years back…Well, Oprah, I need a new car. If you want me to jump up and down on your couch, I will. (I accidently typed cooch first, and there is no way I’d jump up and down on Oprah’s cooch for any amount of money or cars.). If she wants me to volunteer and teach at her overseas school for a month, I will. Just throwing that out there.


Tomorrow is Thursday.

For the record…If anyone ever tries to make you watch that Marie Antionette movie with Kirstin Dunst….single people would never have to, but married folk might not have an option..,just telling you. It’s horrible. If you DO have to watch it…make your spouse watch Borat with you, or let you go fishing for a year…that movie sucks, so bad.

It has entered my worst movies of all time list. Which includes such treats as, Howard The Duck, The Flinstones, and Waterworld. It was so bad, I may not watch Kirstin Dunst ever again to protest her for making that movie…and what’s worse..they use some good music in there too…which is both confuising, and amusing. Just an overall horrid flick.

A man with no hands would find a way to give it 2 thumbs down.

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  1. Paco permalink

    I’d love to hear your reasoning behind this statement…

    “A teacher makes good money if A) They’re single…”

    Oh, and I wouldn’t complain about a 2.5% raise, and a bonus eaten up by taxes. I am a single taxpayer, probably one the worst brackets you can be in, and I recently got a raise. After taxes and what not, (not all was taxes, 401k and stock plan was in there too) I netted less than half.

    Be happy man… how many other people do you know that actually got any sort of bonus?

  2. The last thing I wanted to read about while I was eating lunch was Oprah’s cooch. Hahahahahahahaha. Gross.

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