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Year 4 Day 122- Captain..getting ready

by admin on February 21st, 2007

Well I guess I will be speaking after all. I’m not looking forward to the conference as much…it turns out…90% of the staff that normally go, are not, out of protest for having to pay for their own memberships.


I’ll still make it fun, but I’m not real happy that people decided to abandon this whole thing. Like I’ve stated on here a few times before, I feel like I’m in the middle of staff and admin. I play ball with the admin. I do what they ask, even a little extra at times…not necessarily to butt kiss, but because it’s my job…and I also like my co-workers, but I’m not going to side with their protest. Quite frankly, knowing that 75% of my staff won’t be there to see me get my award, should I win….well that kind of sucks.

I’m still going. I’m still going to speak. I’m still going to diary the event.

Speaking of diaries…I’m running one for this weekend. I’m going to a local gambling mecca for a day and night. If you remember my diary from October, you’ll remember it ended very badly for me. I’m just saying this. While I expect it to be entertaining, I’m hoping seriously it doesn’t end with me throwing up all over everything, and getting in feats of strength with my friends. My purpose is simple. Go play some cards and spend my birthday hopes of making a little more than I left with, I’d also like to eat some good food, and just have a good time. I’m not going to start smoking again…or end up in a skin bar…those I can assure you…if I do I’m probably tied to Pac-Man Jones. I mean literally tied to him.

I’m hoping that my diary is more of a showcase for the oddballs I’m going with, and their lunacy…rather than a confession of my own stupidity.

Either way, it’s coming at you next week.

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  1. Paco permalink

    The oddballs you are going with?

    Maybe you should take a look in the mirror, Oh Captain My Captain? I wasn’t the oddball running around with Tag Wild Card Body Spray, puking all over the hotel room, and then laying the shower in agony and pain. (which thank God I didn’t see)

    With that said, I know I can certainly act like an oddball at times too.

    It should be EPIC!

  2. The Gambler permalink

    A friendly reminder to bring earplugs and a padded suit to protect yourself from upset gamblers losing a parlay by a half-point.

    Shirts are being printed for the ODDBALLS…so everyone will know who to watch for and stay clear of.

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