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Year 4 Day 100 and something- The professional.

by admin on February 15th, 2007

So the captain will not be speaking at the state conference. To speak at the state conference, you need a memebership to the CCEA organization, and to do that you need $50, which, in the past has been paid for by our school…but no longer is. The Captain has better things to spend $50 on than membership to a club with no privelages. So if you had your date book circled with my speaking engagement, sorry…I won’t be speaking. I may still be at the conference, but if they make me pay for it…then, well, I won’t be going to that either.

Tomorrow is the deadline to turn in artwork for the art competition. I’m not done…which kind of upsets me…but I think I mentioned I didn’t find out until late about it, anf haven’t gotten the necessary materials to mount the pictures…I’m picking that up today.

Our basketball team was 2-1 in the tournament which was good enough for 2nd…which is what I thought we would end up. WE WERE WHO I THOUGHT WE WERE!!

The past two mornings have been filled with guitar hero videogame sessions. I don’t really have a lot to do during prep…so working on my exercise and coordination is always good. I’m not really very good at that dumb game…but I make up for it with a killer metal face.

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