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Year 4 Day 100- Cheater

by admin on January 30th, 2007

I had another cheater today. Someone found a shading packet, that had the first page done, but not the rest..tried to finish the rest, then pass it off as thier own. The first page was good…I know, I did it. The rest looked like Ronnie Milsap shaded it. The kid, and some of his friends argued to the hilt he did it. Which was so bad. Unfortunately this one did not have a grade on the back, because I hadn’t finished it yet…but still the contrast in shading styles was so horrible. A person who shaded that first page couldn’t have even screwed up another page that bad…they were too different. Oh well.

I really wanted to find his original…so I could beat his a$$ with it. I can’t stand when people try and lazy their way out of a project. The worst part was I saw his packet on Monday, and his first page SUCKED, like the rest of this packet…And had he erased the screw ups to try and fix it…you’d notice the indents in thepaper from pushing too hard with the pencil.

I caught some kids smoking today…got them each a $100 ticket. Awesome. I bet I get my car keyed soon, oh well it’s a pile of crap…one more scratch isn’t going to kill it.

Tomorrow is evaulation Wednesday.

Let’s get it on.

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