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Year 4—-Friday

by admin on December 8th, 2006

Well the week, she’s ended. I must say, I’m shocked…my whole 4th period with the exception of the new kid, passed my test today. The seating chart works. Now they’re stuck in it.

That class is still insane, and can get a bit rowdy as well, but they’ll focus more now.

Tonight is open bar Christmas party night for my wife’s work. It could be interesting. I’ve never been to one of those before. I do plan on being resonable in my consumption however. I’m still in a state of realizing that over consumption leads to feats of strength competitions with your friends, in the gay part of SF. I don’t want to start punching my wife in the arm.

One of our kids was discussing how much her breasts weighed yesterday with her classmates. I don’t comment on these types of discussions. She guessed maybe 18lbs for the pair. Whatever.

Kids here are right on the border of indecency every day. Today I got the first drunk question of the session.

[Dead Cat] Hey Captain….you ever been drunk?
[Captain] Uhm, a while back sure…I was in college.
[Cat’s Friend] F****’ I know someone who got ripped with the Cap’n…
[Dead Cat] Really…
[Cat’s Friend] Hell yeah…they were hittin the bottle….f****’d up. You know _____ Her friend’s brother’s sister’s girlfriend’s brother ——-, says he knows Captain’
*Do they live in the Castro district? Did they see me sluggin my friend? Because that was the last time I was ‘wasted’
[Captain] Wow…find out who it was….and let me know.
[Dead Cat] They said you tweo was hittin’ the bottle….
[Captain] First off…I don’t ‘hit the bottle’ I drink from a glas-
[18pounder] Sippin cognac!!! hella!!! you must be the keg stand king, I’ll bring a keg!!!
[Captain] I’m seriously going to throw all of you out in the cold..

For the record, the only time I tried a keg stand, my friend dropped me on my face behind the trash can…and that was about 10 years ago.

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