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Year 4 Day 78- NOT in a good mood

by admin on December 12th, 2006

I’m not in a good mood. I just thought I’d throw that out. I’m sick of being poor. It makes my paitience level low…I even snapped at my principal today.

He came in and told me, ‘it’s so noisy in here…’ referring to my classroom noise level. Everyone was working. I’ve always been against people who think, just because a classroom is noisey, nothing is being done. Everyone in my class was working…they were just talking to their friends while they did. I was up an about…nobody was off task. He said, ‘it’s so noisy, I can’t even hear myself think…’

I told him, “well it’s a good thing this isn’t your room and you don’t have to.’

that kind of thing bugs me…it’s not like I don’t like my principal, we get along fine…I just don’t like when anyone tries to put their personal preferences on others. If you prefer a clean desk, and a quiet classroom…and only the noise of pencils writing on papers….great for you. I don’t mind it in art. IN my other classes, or if I’m lecturing…yeah, it’ll be quieter.

I’m going home….I’ve got a cup o’ noodles with my name on it.

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