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Year 4 Day 76- No Room for Racism

by admin on December 7th, 2006

Wow. I can’t say much is happening here at school. We continue to take in new students, even though our class sizes are huge and under supplied. Oh well.

I had my meeting on Tuesday. Part two of the budget talks concerning the arts. It was a good meeting, with the exception of the cold sandwiches they served. Those made me angry. I was FORCED to go to the BK lounge and get some chicken fries.

They did serve free Starbuck’s coffee all day long though, and cookies… those were nice.

The meeting itself, while nice, didn’t provide much of interest in the way of stories. One of the ladies at my table told me that she, ‘needed to take a whiz.’ That blindsided me. She also told me she needed to go to another table to’visit her home-kids… ‘ She is a 55 year old white woman. When she tells you, “I’m going back to see my home-kids from ——, I miss them.’ it makes you give her the dog-and-squeaky-toy look.

We did some acting exercises which were not much fun. They were designed to be an’after lunch’ pick-me-up, because most everyone was ready for nap time after that… but they took 45 minutes, and were bordering on obnoxious. I had to play the part of ‘wall’ I was fantastic.

School, like I said, is really going smoothly. Everyone is in that mid year groove, just on cruise control until the break.

I’m focused on our country. The poor dad in Oregon, who left his vehicle after 9 days died. I feel terrible for the family. I was rooting for him… because he was a sure candidate for “I shouldn’t be alive,Aeu, which is my favorite show in the world. He was SET-UP for that show… and he died. I think he shouldn’t have left the road. The road would have eventually led somewhere, and wasn’t nearly as rough terrain. I’ve learned that in some cases, it is, in fact, all about topography.

That ruined my evening, watching this poor family lose a father. Then this morning I find out 75-year old ladies are hosing carjackers down with gas. What type of world do we live in where old women are taking away someone’s job. Stealing cars is his job. He feeds himself by jacking cars, it’s the holiday season… and now he’s got a face full of ethanol, and an arrest record.

The random part of that story is the guy got away with her car. That’s determination.

My 4th period class was actually very well behaved today, and with the exception of blatant stupidity, it was fun to be in.

We were discussing how the planet is using up natural resources very fast, and with the growing population, things will hit critical mass at some point.

One of my’genius’ students came up with an idea that may be what plagues our area…

[Grand Wizard] What if we just got rid of all the Blacks, Mexicans, and Asians? How would our situation change then?
[Captain] WHAT? If we got rid of the minorities in California, where would you go?
[Grand Wiz] What do you mean… get rid of’em… I mean the MINORITIES.
[Captain] Yeah, if we got rid of minorities in California, where would they put your white butt?

Fearing he was being misunderstood, he came to my desk… to clarify his peace keeping efforts.

[Grand Wizard] No… .I mean, like Blacks, Asians, and Mexicans… if we sent them back and only kept Americans here, and like, put them back in their countries… where we would the situation go?
[Captain] Uh… They ARE Americans too…
[Grand Wiz] No… No… you’re missing the point.
[Captain] What, that you’re a racist? Yeah, I got that point.
[G.W.] I’m not a racist… .
[Captain] WHAT? You’re just a progressive thinker that concludes sending all the minorities back to’their own country’ would help solve world resource issues?

I think one of his classmates summed it up best,

,AeoDude, you’re a f****** dumbass’

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