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Year 4 Day 45- The letter writing saga continues…

by admin on October 19th, 2006

First off, the people ar Dixon have yet to respond to me regarding their crap pencils…I’m kind of upset about that. The fine folks at Swingline were very prompt, and very ready to fix the problem…and my stapler STILL works. Yes, they make quality.

I’ve got other issues though…Not educationally related, but issues that demand resolution. The culprit- Reese’s Crispy Crunchy bar. I had some issues with it…I’ll let you read for yourself.

Dear Reese’s

First off, let me state I love me some Reese’s…seriously. I eat most everything that they churn out. Nutrageous, Stix, FastBreak, Pieces, All the cups, I eat them all.

There is a new product I take issue with though, Reese’s Crsipy Crunchy. I saw the name Reese’s, grabbed the candy, bought it, and sat in my car and ate it. Let me just say, it’s got some work before I can rank it with the founding fathers of choco-peanutbutter goodness.

I only criticize because I care…

I understand this new product was meant to compete with Butterfinger, and their style of cookie, peanutty, flake-wafer inside. I get this part…the problem…The ‘Crispy-Crunchy’s’ flake-wafers are like daggers. If glass were edible, and it’s not…I know this. BUT if it were, and it tasted like peanut butter…it would be what is inside a ‘Crispy-Crunchy’ I hurt my mouth and gums a few different times while attempting to enjoy my candy.

My exact thoughts were.

“ouch…this is some pretty sharp peanut stuff. I bet they haven’t figured out the right way to make it yet.’ Some of the pieces were downright jagged.

I mean it, I care, that’s why I bring this up…I love Reese’s…really I do. Even though I get mad when people pronounce it “Rees-SEES” (Can you address that at some point too please…) I just want the best for you…and I want to enjoy my choco-peanutty magic wihtout feear of a shard of pea-brittle-cookie being lodged in my uvula.


Keep up the great work…

Your Captain

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