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Year 4 Day 20- The Boston Straggler

by admin on September 14th, 2006

My mood is filthy today. Not filthy like Johan Santana’s fastball… but filthy like a cat crapped in my bed, and then the milk was expired, and then my car had a flat… that type of filthy. None of that actually happened, but I still woke up on the “wrong side of the non-cat-crapped bed” so to speak.

It happens. Oh well. I think it has something to do with the fact I thought yesterday was Friday…

My photo copy helper showed up late, so I had to do all my own copying. That sucked. Honestly, I was kind of happy I was going to have 15 minutes free time, and was even going to recommend the copy girl as student of the week. Not now.

This is an evaluation year for me. Not terribly worried. I had my first meeting yesterday. My principal said nobody here really had to worry about anything, that everyone can improve, and it’s a positive thing… and really not to worry too much.

I’m not. I’ve kept my attitude cautiously optimistic. I mostly trust him now, but I’m not going to get relaxed. Plus, I’m still competitive, and what drives me now has nothing to do with an evaluation.

I started some chaos in my class. I took out all chairs. Kids were just sitting as far away as they could, so I took their chairs. As long as I have enough desks… there will be no chairs. They’re not happy about this… but they’re all nicely grouped now… no stragglers.

I love the word “straggler” it sounds like someone you’d find in your front yard, smelling like old foot and sausages… good word.

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