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Year 4 Day 18- Poop on that biz

by admin on September 12th, 2006

Hopefully today will be quieter around here with the Chargers 27-0 pounding of the Raiders last night. One nice thing about Raiders fans is they always go into mourning the day after… because 90% of the time they talked themselves into a situation they can no longer defend. Our raider fans here are special. The kids spent weeks talking about how good the Raiders were. Ooops. I’m half way thinking of drawing the Raiders logo on the whiteboard, throwing up all over. I bet that little Raider mascot wishes he had patches over both eyes so he didn’t have to see Art Shell and Aaron Brooks. (I think they should be called Re-Run and Roger personally)

Art Shell had this look on his face 90% of the time like he had no idea where he was. He kept checking to see if the camera was still on him… only unlike good coaches, he was never saying anything… just looking around, waiting for something to happen. Good coaches are COACHING, screaming at players, getting things ready… Not Art Shell.

He just sat there looking around like, “IS the camera still on me? How about now? Now? Now? How about now? Still?”

OK enough football.

One thing I really don’t like about some students is their sense of entitlement. Not that they feel entitled to an education. I like that. It’s the kids who feel that just because they are who they are they should get special privileges, or that rules don’t apply to them.

We have a couple kids like that here, they make me angry. They want to show up when they feel like, interrupt class, leave early, take their time going to the restroom, not work, use the phone, and on, and on.

When you try to reprimand them for what they do, they get angry.

[Captain] you want to use the phone, so you can get a ride home, so you can come back later?
[Prim Donna] Yup
[Captain] Who would let you DO that?
[Prim Donna] My daddy (*note anyone who uses’daddy’ and is over the age of 13 is probably in need of a real father)
[Captain] Your dad would actually DO that?
[Prim Donna] Yup, he loves me
[Captain] I love my kids too, but they’d better have puked all over their desk or they’re not coming home from school… or going back again. Why did you even show up today?
[Prim Donna] I had people to talk to.

This is how it goes… and then the people in charge here LET her get away with it. They excuse her notes for being late… when clearly it’s a repeat offense done because she feels the rules don’t apply to her.

We have another student who plays the race card, and plays it all the time… kind of jokingly, but he’d make it serious in a heartbeat if he thought it would strengthen his case.

We had a meeting yesterday, and one of the things we discussed were those kids who we have concerns about, whether its behavior, attendance, ability, etc. The two kids I’ve mentioned are on numerous lists… and the problem is so easily remedied. Put them on academic contracts. They must meet a certain requirement each week, or they’re gone.
These kids would either HAVE to work, or they’d be gone… and their track record suggests they’d make it 1 week. The idea works, but it’s not being used for them (the rules really DON’T apply to them)… it’s only used on kids who have parents that don’t give their kids this sense of entitlement. These kids have parents who never think their kids are at fault. They create more potential conflict with the admin… so their kids just get off easy.

Poop on that.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    If we don’t hold them accountable at this age how will they ever function in the real world?

  2. The Gambler permalink

    The way the Raiders accumulate stupid penalties, perhaps they would benefit by sitting in on a few of the Captain’s class sessions.

    It’s so easy to see the correlation of your student’s loyalty to the Raiders.

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