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Year 4 Day 16- Tying up a few loose ends

by admin on September 8th, 2006

SO having still not heard from the lady at Dixon I sent a follow up, being as the lady is back from her international exploits…

Dear Lady,

Last week I sent you a message regarding the quality of your No.2 Pencils the 14402s specifically, and was sent a form reply…to driect my comments to Cindy Moss…but I’m not sure Cindy got my letter.

Did you get it?

Sincerely Captain.

She is back from abroad…and sent this.

I do have your inquiry. Unfortunately, I have not been able to react to
all my communications yet. I will look at this and respond early next
week. Thank you for taking time to alert us of a potential problem with
our product.

Thank you,
“Committed to Excellence”
Brenda K. Kissinger
Customer Service Manager
Dixon Ticonderoga Company

Now I wonder, is “committed to excellence” her nickname. LIke William “The refridgerator” Perry? Is she Brenda “Committed to Excellence” Kissinger? I like how she puts in “potential” problem, like there could be no way her pencils sucked that much ass. They do. Trust me. Today a kid grabbed one, and stated ‘DAMN! These pencils SUCK!”

I had a first today…

I had a student, one from my list, fail the same test twice. She took it originally, went through the study guide, proceeded to flunk it, then set in a quiet room for 2 days to “study” and promptly failed it again. I gave them all the answers too. I even caught her trying to cheat.

This does not bode well for the future of our country.

And in sad news, The NY Knick pencil is missing. I’m sure it will turn up…it always does. Just more haggard, and worn down than before. It is not for sale, even for 2 million, I need to at least get a 5 year 65 million incentive rich contract…with most of the money being up front…and a promise of limited use.

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