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Year 3 Day 156- Oooh.

by admin on April 24th, 2006

Well today was the first day of the last session of the year.

I guess according to the word on the street, our art department kicks the poo out of the other high schools. That’s good to hear, I guess it’s known at teh other school too. People have noticed. I feel good about that.

The next three days are standardized testing. I get to administer it. I was chosen to administer because of my positvie attitude.


I was listening to my wife yack about work, and how they had coffee delivered 2 times in one day, and were having a catered lunch this week, in addition to the free soda, and snacks they provide their workers, and I thought to myself.

what the F***?!!!!!!!!!

Why do teachers get hosed? I know the first thing people always say is,

“You get 3 months off a year, shut up.”

The thing to remember is we don’t get paid those months. We may chose to get our checks spread out over those summer months, but we don’t earn money then.

There isn’t any incentives provided to teachers, at least in my school or district. Most successful companies have something for people to work for other than warm fuzzy feelings.

I know people who have work parties, dinners, incentive bonuses, random bonuses, Christmas bonuses,

not us.

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