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Year 3- Between day 140-150

by admin on April 6th, 2006

Yesterday was an exhilarating experience at both home school students homes. At the first one, the kid wasn’t there, but random person #24 was. It was some lady, who informed me that the kid and his father weren’t around… ibut the door was open, so I come in and started cleanin’ up.i

Crack heads… gotta love eem.

She made sure I knew she’d pass the message on, that the kid was failing. “I’ll tell —-, when he gets home.”

“He KNOWS he’s, failing, it’s his dad that needs to realize it.”

“I’ll make sure he does.”

My stay at that house was brief, and then I went on to the ghetto, which was interesting. On any given day, I have no idea what types of people will be loitering on the streets… for whatever reason, the ghetto is FULL of people hanging out on the street. I haven’t figured this out yet, but people just aren’t happy in doors. Whether it’s a retarded kid beating his head with a basketball, or the lady who screamed at her small child, iMother F****’s think they can drive how they f****n’ want, get out the street!!i I never know what will await me. (I’ve actually seen both)

There were at least 20 people congregated on the street near where I normally park. The sheer size of their group was a bit odd, I must admit. What made the whole thing even creepier was the fact that at least 5 of them were packing paint ball guns… and wearing masks.

Not what I’d normally expect to see on a street in a neighborhood. This is the ghetto though, so I wasn’t overly mortified or anything. Just when you think you know the ghetto, the ghetto surprises you. My first thought was ioh sh** one of these little bastards is going to shoot me.i (Actually, their ages ranged from 14-mid 20’s I would say, so little bastards is a little off… more like just bastards.)

Luckily, they seemed occupied arguing with a lady across the street. My back turned to them I headed to the apartment of my student. I heard a shot or two hit the ladies car, followed by some laughter, and a few F-bombs from the lady. I was pretty sure that they would have absolutely no problem unloading a few rounds on me, so I picked up the pace.

After I finished my schooling, I left the building, and sure enough the clan was still there… guns at the ready.

iHey Charlie, how often you’ gonna get a chance to shoot your old teacher,i was all I heard.

I knew there was a better than 50% chance I was getting shot. I kept walking though, waiting to hear a PFFFFFFFT sound, followed by a sharp pain in the back of my skull. I told myself, that if I got shot, I was going to get in the car, run one of them over until they died. Sure, I’d go to jail, but at least I’d be satisfied.

I’d run him over several times, window down, screaming…


Luckily, I didn’t get shot… for some reason I just think that as much as they wanted to shoot me, they weren’t quite sure I wouldn’t either a) kill them or b) call the police.

Hey Charlie, it wouldn’t be everyday you could have one of your old teachers whip your monkey ass right in the middle of the ghetto.

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  1. The Gambler permalink

    You need to put in for hazard pay…or take the superintendent on a field trip!

  2. Eduardo permalink

    Yeah, they don’t pay you enough. If you’re going to be put in those kinds of compromising situations, the district should at least provide you with a ’76 Gran Torino, a .44 Magnum, and a mustachioed sidekick with bell bottoms.

    Properly equipped, you could have gone Starsky on those punks.

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