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by admin on April 3rd, 2006

Today would be my professional equivilant of Michael Jordan’s “flu game” Where he went off for 38 points against Utah, all while being extremely ill.

We had our guests on campus today…who are in charge of accreditation process. We all had to be here this week…and be on our A games. I think I put forth a worthy performance today. I had every visitor in my room, plus full classes all 4 periods, and had a very good day. Today was my flu game…I’ve felt like poo all day. I’m batteling some stomach virus, and seem to be in constant limbo on whether I’m going to vomit, or crap myself…so far it’s been niether, but I’ve been close a few times.

Jordan would say, “It was all about desire, Somehow I found the energy to stay strong.”

That’s kind of how I felt today…

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  1. Paco permalink

    Did you score 38 points?

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