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year 3 Day 143- WHAT?

by admin on March 29th, 2006

I have a new student in my art class. He’s going to be a challenge. He’s been in for 2 days now, and already thinks he makes the rules.

I start all my art kids through the same program. It works, and that’s the way I do things. If at a certain point, you show skills worthy of having an opinion…then we can discuss changing an assignment.

The kid turned in his assignment in 5 minutes.

“I’m done.”


“Yeah…I know how to shade.”

“Well, good, let me check, and I’ll see…”

His work was crap. He put forth less than no effort.

“This isn’t acceptable. You need to actually finish it correctly.”

“Yea, but I already know how to shade.”

“You mentioned that…so then something as trvial as this should be no problem for you to whip out.”

He returned to his seat and just sat there for 5 minutes befor esaying. “Do you have another assignment? I’m bored out of my mind…and your music puts me to sleep.”

“No to answer your first question, and I don’t care to answer your second.” Was my response.

That was yesterday. Today the kid only showed up for one of the art classes, and he sat there and drew a cartoon of a talking pot leaf.

I think I mentioned it somewhere before, but drawing a pot leaf is almost a sure sign that you have no artistic knowledge or ability. I don’t care if you have a sketch book, and a whole slew of art pencils…the minute you draw any of the following subjects…you’re just selling yourself down the white trash river.

1. Pot plants in any form
2. Half-breed dogs
3. Dogs fighting.
4. a bottle of “so-co”
5. A Swastika
6. a skull with a drug or Iron Maiden reference attached to it.
7. the letters AC DC
9. Smile now, Cry Later (although your trash may be associated with a different ethnicity)
10. the word “pride” and a color in front of it
11. A wolf holwing
12. Mac Dre
13. Mushrooms
14. Insane Clown Posse
15. A curse word.

That list is a smaller version of a novel I might write called, “Knowing your art sucks, and being able to deal with it.”

Also I saw Person #23 at the O.H.’s yesterday. And I was greeted with a classic response when I arrived;

“What day is it? You’re coming today?”
“Uh…it is MONDAY…I always do.”

Man #23 was talking about “What the f*** is an I-pod?” with the guy who was a tutor in his past life.

I think that might be a catchy ad-line Apple could use.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    That picture was awesome, and probably more entertaining than photos would be anyway.
    I’m hoping, though, that you might be able to scan in some of the “artwork” your students create. it would be pretty funny to see the actual art that the kid drew.

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