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Year 3 Day 141- Epidemic

by admin on March 24th, 2006


It was suggested that I take photos of the places I go, and what I do after school, but I can’t. I just feel better sticking with the drawings. I’m going to try and be more regular with them though…

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So yesterday I went to the O.H (original home-schooler) I knocked at the door, as usual, and I knocked on the window as well, because sometimes I can’t be heard over Montel… anyways… random guy #22 comes around the side of the house.

iIs —– here?i I ask.

igm-mmf uh, er… I’ll go check inside.i

A few minutes pass and he returns…

iI guess he inside sleepin’ he’s sick…got that bird flu that’s goin’ around.i

iThe Bird Flu hasn’t reached the U.S. yet.i (on a side note though, it might actually start at his house… it wouldn’t surprise me.)

i… ..well he sick… you his teacher?i

iyes… i

iI’ll tell him same time tomorrow then?i

iWell, I hope his Bird Flu gets better… i

I can’t believe meth head went bird flu on me… I don’t expect anything out of the people there, I KNOW the kid is a piece of work… if you’d left it at, iHe ain’t wakin up for you.i I’d have been fine… Bird Flu? The dude has zero clue what’s he’s talking about… he probably heard about it on some crap AM radio station, thought it sounded serious enough to keep someone in bed for a day… .and threw it out.

Needless to say, I’ll be back over there today, putting myself at risk.

I just got back from picking up my artwork from the student show… the guy who gave it to me was… interesting, and quite probably a homosexualoif he wasn’t gay, he was definitely weird enough to give off that gay vibr. He had a fanny pack, and a pony tail… so he was at least wearing a gay man’s costume if nothing else.

iSo you’re from —- High school… .huh?i

iYea.i I answer.

iSo you’re the _____________… huh?.i


ioh… .wow.i

Wow? It was weird. Not like he was impressed that I was a super educator type of WOW, but more of… I like your kielbasa wow.

I left quickly.

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