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Year 3 Day 140

by admin on March 23rd, 2006

Well Yesterday I gave the kid a deadline to be caught up. I would have talked to an “adult” but they were all outside building something…which is so odd, because I’ve seen no progress, on anything. I told the kid he has until April 10th to be caught up, or he’s done.

Yesterday I saw persons #20 and #21 there as well.

I recently thought about something that happens here on a few occassions that really bugs me.

A lot of time in faculty meeetings we’ll be discussing how certain kids are easier to get along with, and when I say that I have no problem with a certain kid…a few teachers or administratos always say, “Yeah, but you teach art…that doesn’t count.” Like the subject matter affects how kids behave.

I always want to respond with, “I’m not a total b**ch like you, that’s the real difference.”

It’s starting to get to be that time of the year where people get ready for summer. I’m getting near the end of my energy level…but I think I can make it 9 more weeks…

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