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Year 3 Day 113- Right up to your face and DISS you.

by admin on February 23rd, 2006

Well I went to the art show yesterday, for a few reasons.

A) To actually see how it was hung, and view what got in, and what didn’t.

and (probably the main reason)

B) To see how many pieces the “other” high school in our district got in. The one with the teacher who beat me out when I tried to transfer. Yeah, it’s a selfish reason, but I’m competitive…and I stated my goal last year, to beat them down at every opportunity. I like the lady over there just fine, she’s very nice…but she’s my competition…like it or not.

well the tally was

Us- 4 pieces

Them- 3 pieces (and one of those was in the show last year, I’d almost bet on it…)

I feel good about it, I know the kids will too…it will validate all their hard work, and all my grumbling at them.

One thing I noticed was an abundance of photography, all by one school. There is a school in our area that has (the only) photo dept. It’s digital for the most part, but they’re a charter school, and the only one with the budget for the program. I’ve taken them on as a new challenger. The photos weren’t very good at all. They weren’t terrible…but they had no competition. No other schools turn in photos. I’m going to try and finish this grant I’m working on and buy some stuff to have a small photo dept. 5 or 6 kids, that’s all thenI’ll go at them next year in addition to the other schools.

The really funny thing about all of this our program having more than tha other school…nobody but our school will care. It won’t get brought up by the district…that “hey, a school 1/4 the size has a better program than us.” I doubt my principal will really care, even though he’s partly to blame for me not being there.

That’s all O.K. though, I’m happy here now, and I’m going to continue to improve this program…because hey, someday, maybe I can be the pioneer here that people have to try and emulate.

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