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Year 3 Day 91- Back…and struggling

by admin on January 24th, 2006

Well being gone for a week in the 90 degree weather, makes it tough to return anywhere, let alone work. I made the sacrifice and did just that though. Yesterday was hectic trying to get the classes caught up on anything, fill them in on my higher expectations, hand back all the work they “thought” they had finished, so it could be done to specification. It was a long day.

Plus my sunburn itches.

I didn’t get the teacher of the year nomination, which at first, honestly kind of pissed me off. Not that I like to be smug, but I thought this year, I honestly deserved it. Then I got to thinking about it, and first off I know 4 teachers who didn’t even vote. So that would pretty much eliminate my chances, and secondly…it’s a bullsh*t award anyway…the way it is currently set up.

How would other teachers be able to adequately vote on “teacher of the year?” I told the other guys this morning, I have no idea how any of you teach, and I’m teaching my own classes at that time, so I just vote for myself. No other teacher comes around and views my room, ever. They see the art work on display and whatnot, which I think provides a decent example…but they don’t sit here and observe me, nor do I observe my fellow teachers. How would we ever be able to adequately pick that?

I say let the kids vote, they know who tries, and who doesn’t…who cares and who doesn’t. I’m not saying I’d win, but at least the judges could vote on experience. Either that or have the two administrators vote.

The whole thing provided interesting conversation and thought though. The guy who got the nomination is a good friend of mine, and while I think he certainly is worthy of being a mentor of the year candidate, he’s really not big on direct instruction, or lecture…he’s more a packet guy…which is fine. I’m glad he won it and not the giant suitcase lady…if she had…I’d have screamed.

The funny thing is now he and she might be the only 2 going to the conference…hahaha. He told us,i If that happens, I’ll kill whoever voted me in.”

I took my students art work down to the local county office of Ed, and put up the display…on Friday, the 13th I went back to put more up, and was commented several times on the “high quality” of my students work. That’s nice. It was very refreshing. I have to say, compared to the other work, ours is better, by far.

Now I need to spend sometime getting mat board ready for the pieces to be entered in the competition next month…that’ll be fun. I hope we win a few awards. That would kind of make my day. I’m no where near the program I want, but it’s getting there, and if we get some grant money…here and there, in 2 years, no other school will be even close to this one in what we turn out.

be’leee dat.

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