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Year 3 Day 76- More on Christmas

by admin on December 13th, 2005

Here are a few things to ponder in regards to yesterday.

1) Like I mentioned yesterday Chanukah doesn’t even necessarily fall in Christmas break.

2) If it truly is a “winter” break, why do we take it around Christmas every year? Why not take it in the end of January, I mean, it’s STILL winter, right?

3) What if we took Martin Luther King’s birthday, and decided to make it National Ethnic Heroes day? I mean there are plenty of other people of color who have done good things for the US, and for humanity right? Chavez, the Pope, Mother Teresa, Ghandi…True some weren’t really in America, but should they get overlooked? Can you imagine the backlash we’d have if we decided to do that? Or what if we took Veterans Day and made it men and women of uniform day? There are policemen and firemen who lose their lives serving for the good of the American people, and keeping us “free” in a sense…why exclude them?

If the holiday we’re celebrating truly is not the reason for the break, then don’t take it around the day. Take “winter break” 2 weeks after Christmas, and just give students a day off like Monday. If it is “Spring break” Let’s take it near the end of April, because quite honestly May blows…it’s too long, not enough breaks. The point is those periods of time off are geared for those holidays, or they’d take them at different times….they were begun AROUND those holidays…so don’t change their names. Just like Martin Luther Kings birthday was for HIM, and what HE did.

As far as saying Happy Holidays to someone, and having them turn out to be Jewish, or Jehovah’s Witness, or whatever…oops mistake. I’m just saying, if you CALL it Christmas, then call it Christmas…if’ it’s simply A “holiday” to you, then fine, go with Happy Holidays…It’s just like telling someone to “have a nice day.” If they don’t want to, and want to have a pissed day, does telling them to have a nice day change that? I’d say, no.

Here’s sort of an example, kind of random, but similar point. I watched the movie eKingdom of Heaven’ last night, about the Crusades. When the Christian man, and a Muslim man got together, sometimes the Christian guy would say something like, “God bless you…” and he KNOWS the Muslim guy isn’t Christian, or even has the same “God” as him, but he still says it, because it’s HIS belief…the Muslim guy in turn says something similar, like “God be with you.” And he’s referring to his God, but neither gets pissed…because they’re just imparting the terminology that best associates with the way they run their life.

If I tell someone, “Hey, have a Merry Christmas.” I’m saying, to ME, its Christmas time, so have a merry Christmas…because that’s what I chose to call it. Someone who doesn’t celebrate it should know that it’s that time of year, and deal with it. If a Jewish guy told me Happy Chanukah, I’d just say thanks, and move on…or tell him Merry Christmas, and call it good. I just think that if you believe a certain way, you shouldn’t change it. If you celebrate Christmas, then call it Christmas. I understand some people look at it differently, like,’I’m just including New Years, and all of the others into a iholiday package.i People do it, and while I personally wouldn’t, I see their reasoning. They’d rather just be generic, than have to explain to someone why they kept it iChristmas.i

Our school bulletin reads iWINTER break- Dec 19- Jan. 2i I read it, iChristmas Breaki instead, because that’s what it is to me… if someone gets pissed, tough. Then they’re certainly entitled to their opinions.

Anyway, today was uneventful, on a teaching stand point. I had to tell a kid to stop looking up Hash making, and pit-bull fighting on the internet, that was the most exciting part.

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  1. Paco permalink

    I think I am just going to start telling people the following…

    “Happy Festivus!”

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