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Year 3 Day 62- Skills

by admin on November 17th, 2005

My 6th period class is obnoxious… .they’re controllable, and not too bad… but it’s 90% male, and that creates an uneven mix… that usually results in discussions of cars, fighting, or smoking the reefer…and usually all three are related. “I was gettin high hot boxin C’s car, and this F***** started talkin’ mad s*** so we took off after him, and beat his ass…dude’s car is so fast.”

I have a few art students this semester who will try my patience, and my methodology, I can already see it. I practically need to put the pencil in their hands, and move it [for them]. The problem is, they A) can’t focus long enough to find a picture to draw… so I end up finding one for them. [iWhat do you like? Let me find one FOR youi] this reduces the iI don’t want to draw thisi, “I can’t find a picture.” excuses. B) we do grid drawings with a Ohmi to aei enlargement, and these students don’t know what ae an inch IS… let alone where to find it on the ruler… .so they sit and stare at the picture,(that I found)… and wait for the grid to magically appear on their paper. It never does, so I end up drawing their grid for them. I appreciate when a kid actually says, iHey I can’t draw this grid right, the lines never look straight, could you help?i these kids don’t ask though, they try and avoid work at all cost.

So after I’ve picked their picture, and drawn their grid… they have no excuse… but they still sit and stare at the picture. I have nearly 4 kids like that this term, which for a school like this is remarkably low… .but I still like to think I can get all of them to work hard… and mostly I do.

I really like a lot of the artwork I’ve gotten this year… I can’t wait for the county competition to show it off… we’re winning some serious awards this year… .I can feel it.

I’ve got kids with mad skills.

on another bright note, my home school kid was home yesterday, and actually got some work done…granted I had to sit and help him…but he tried…and that’s half the battle.

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