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Year 3 Day 55- Where’s the beef?

by admin on November 7th, 2005

So apologies for my lack of writing last week… I had good intentions, but somehow, always seemed to get bogged down with a project.

After 4 days of trying I finally got my new home school student set-up and underway… which is good. I was beginning to get worried. This one seems like she’ll be easily motivated to complete her work. My original home school student is another story. I’ve mentioned he has trouble focusing on his work… that’s not new, and I also mentioned he has a new home environment, because he moved away from mom’s house… I told you dad was odd, and seems to be fixing a house in a backwards sort of way. Is it possible for a house to be both progressing, and getting worse?

The problem I’m having now is, the kid is never home. When he is, he’s never finished his work. I’m forced to sit there and watch him struggle to finish the work… He always has great excuses why he isn’t done… usually related to the fact he A) couldn’t find a pencil, or B) broke the eraser off the pencil, and couldn’t erase. iI got started, like, I tried, and the eraser is gone off this pencil… i

He looks for every reason to not work.

The other day he was locked out.

“Can you go in a back door, or through a window?” I asked.

“That window isn’t open enough.”

SO I put my hand in, and turned the crank, opening the window all the way.

“uh, well there’s paint on the window part…don’t wanna get pain on me.”

Seriously? you’ll wear the same outfit for 50 days straight, and get God knows what on it, and a bit of water-based paint is a problem?

“well…can you hope a fence?”

“There’s barb wire on that fence.”

There was some barb wire, but had I a nub for one leg, and a wooden peg for the other, I still could have gotten over it, an not been touched by it.

he just doesn’t want to do ANYTHING.

Thursday, his dad was there, asleep on the couch when I arrived, and didn’t budge… I sat on the couch next to him, and he snored the entire time. Now most people wouldn’t go into a situation like that, but I consider myself sort of an adventurous type, so I did. The house was littered with trash. I counted 8 empty and partially empty soda cups lying around just in my fieldof vision, which was partially blocked by over turned couches, plus several dishes that had been sitting around for going on 3 weeks. It’s so foul.

What gets me is… how does someone like this afford a home? I, as a respectable member of society, can’t afford a home… but someone who lets their kids wear the same clothes for 2 weeks, never cleans the house, and sleeps on the couch while their son’s teacher is there can? I mean seriously… .what the hell?

It also appears these people live entirely on fast food, and Ragu. There are 5 plates with the leftovers of some sort of pasta on them scattered everywhere. I guess if I fed my kids ghetto spaghetti 24-7… .I might be able to thro a few more dollars towards a mortgage,

But wait, there’s more…this time when I showed up, they were functioning on candle power… (still watching TV though).

I’m not sure if the candle was for light, smell, or warmth…couldn’t decide.

A funny conversation between 2 jr. high kids, I overheard while picking up work for my new student.

iI had a New York strip… .it was baaaaad.i

iDude… I love New York’s… .or Rib eye’s… .they’re sweet too.i


It just struck me as odd, a couple of 7th graders talking about cuts of meat. When I was in 7th grade, a steak was a steak.

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