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Year 3 Day 42–Still no drawings…sorry

by admin on October 19th, 2005

Well, I know, I promised a drawing today, and I apologize, I have none. I have just been too busy with different things to ‘get’er done’. I will make a better effort tomorrow.

Things here are so weird on so many different levels. It makes me glad I sort of stick to my own little world to avoid all the hoopla. Workers here are so upset at the way things are running this year that a few are willing to quit at any moment… and a few are willing to leave at the end of the year. Certain teachers are on the inot to be trustedi list, which means they are not privy to the information being circulated by the rest of the staff. Talks of out of school staff gatherings to discuss current events are forming, with certain individuals being left off the list. Not me, but certain large suitcase possessing teachers are.

I mentioned yesterday I had a certain degree of caution about myself and the current situation, but I’m not even close to thinking about quitting. I really don’t even know what the others are seeing… I’ll find out, but as of now, I have no clue. There are secret radio codes for where the admin. is at any given point in time… it’s really silly/interesting. I mean, MAN, maybe I’m really in the dark, maybe sh** is coming down the tube that’ll alter me forever, and I’ve hidden myself away from it. I DON’T KNOW… and it kind of scares me.

People here I would NEVER suspect of wanting to quit are looking for employment elsewhere… while, somehow, I in some ways think this is the best year in like, 5 that I’ve had teaching… WTF? I’ll get to the bottom of it… believe it.

Tonight is our first game, and already I’m pissed that we again chose to play in the late fall… when the weather is both wetter, and colder. It looks like rain tonight, and if not rain, then very cold playing conditions, again, WTF? Why is spring so bad to play? Would the sponsors not pay for us in March, but in October they will? Playing in this time of year always makes me dread the weather, I like playing ball, and sitting here wondering all day if I cancelled plans only to get rained out of a game sucks.

Well I’ll have the box score tomorrow… let’s hope the swing has improved since last year when I over-hit in the cages to the point of being one of the worst hitters on our team.

For me, just going and hitting works best… trying to work in the cages, or analyze my swing ALWAYS jacks me up… but I have 5 tokens for the cages left from last year…will I use them tonight? I’d wager yes…

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  1. Paco permalink

    Captain, it will be far from cold outside tonight. You are the only guy I know that compains about it being cold.

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