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Year 3 Day 30- Session 2 begins

by admin on October 3rd, 2005

Sorry about the lack of drawing today, the first days of a new session are always a lot harder to get something done on…tomorrow, I promise.

The first day of session 2 is in the books. This whole week is iminimumi days, because the elementary schools have parent-teacher conferences all week long, so all the schools benefit from the shorter days.

I like my classes so far. This was only the first day, so the kids haven’t had a lot of time to try and test me yet, but due to the fact I lecture a lot, they really won’t have the time to try. I talk A LOT.

I still have some problems that in a lot of my classes I have kids all over the map as far as how many units they have of the particular class, or how much time they’ve spent in my class. In other words, Not every student in my economics class this session was in my economics class last session. We’re currently on chapter 5, dealing with supply, and I have 4 kids who have a higher level of comprehension because they were in my class for chapters 1-4 last session, and got the chapter on demand {which is related}… and I have 8 kids who haven’t had economics at all, but they’re all on chapter 5. It’s really frustrating.

My art classes, as usually have kids scattered all over the place on different projects. I also have a lot of kids from the other art teacher’s class, who want to learn more ART, and less craft projects. From what I’ve gathered in talking to kids, the other art lady, who also teaches English mostly, doesn’t teach the kids art very well. They always complain that she doesn’t do anything with them, just does random projects. (usually craft related) I also can see she doesn’t have the same high standards as I do, because she lets them get away with turning in a lot of garbage assignments, and learning bad habits. She doesn’t follow any kind of path with her lessons either. Not that I’m the best or anything, but I have discovered that following a structured path from beginning to advanced allows everyone to learn, and be successful, or else they just get left behind. Some of the projects she does with these kids are way too advanced for them, it’s no wonder they turn in garbage. Don’t have kids doing projects with Pen, Colored Pencil, and Pencil if the student can’t even draw well with a pencil yet. Learn how to manipulate one medium first, and then try another. It’s an odd method, I think, and it shows now that my art classes are filling up with her kids. I have to reteach a lot, to break bad habits she taught them, or get them used to higher expectations.

She’ll just let them finish an assignment, and move on, even if the project they turned in is crap, and they obviously didn’t learn the concept being taught.

One nice thing about progression of assignments is that kids know exactly where they’re headed. They don’t have to wonder, iHey, can I do a colored pencil drawing?i They know that they have to complete pencil drawings, and pen and ink drawings first… and then they get to go to colored pencil. They also know that everyone who is working with colored pencils has completed all the stuff required to get there, no matter who they are.

We have a faculty meeting today, I think it’ll be fine, as long as we don’t have to discuss that in-service we went to last week. I could debate that issue for hours.

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