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Year 3 Day 23- Look out weekend, cuz here I come.

by admin on September 23rd, 2005

This drawing is from a time when I yelled at a couple kids for goofing off, and they got mad at me…HERE is that post.

Well this week went by, again, really smoothly. I had the principal in my room a few more times this week than in previous weeks, which wasn’t a bad thing…and I discovered I will NOT have Government next session, but Geography…so already things are looking up.

The session ends next week, and I spent a large part of today trying to get my grades entered in the new grading program…I’m not sure I like the program yet, it has a lot of holes in it that aren’t really conducive to my way of grading. It’s also not conducive for classes where students are scattered all over the place, and not all on the same project.

How do you count certain projects for certain kids, and not others? That was the question I asked myself over and over again today with no answer.

Monday will be stinky. Not smell wise, but in that we have an in-service, where we’re going to hear speakers from “outstanding high school programs”, whatever that means. I think once the 8am doughnut break ends, the day will go straight downhill. Those meetings are never as good as the people who set them up think they are.

You always hear, “OH we saw them speak at a convention one time, and they were FABULOUS!!!!”

The speakers are never as fabulous as people say. In fact, most times, they’re damn near impossible to sit through. They read everything off of overheads, and have very boring power point presentations. We’ll see. I bet this is no different.

Nothing exciting happened today. I wish there were some sort of occurrence that made the day worthy, but it was dull, and every kid worked very well.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    Do you want to borrow my remote controlled fart machine?
    That could help make Monday a bit less boring.

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