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Year 3 Day 21- Hello Jock Strap my old friend…

by admin on September 21st, 2005


This picture is sort of a combination of all the things Baby Huey said last year. For his defense, he was a good hearted, nice kid. He just had some issues with saying really inappropriate things at really inappropriate times. He’s graduated, sadly, so that means he’ll not be entertaining me this year…So good-bye and good luck to him.

And yes, he had some serious help to graduate.

Today was uneventful, my Dr. told me to wear a jock strap, in order to keep the boys from getting worse, so I’m rocking one of those this week now. I feel like one of those masked wrestlers.

Today, we were going over amendments in government, and I asked the kids to make up an amendment that they’d like to see added.

I had 5 kids in class, and 4 of them made amendments that were pot or alcohol related. They couldn’t even think of it themselves.

Not that I told them to make a pot amendment or anything, but it the conversation went like this…

“Whadd’d we say?”

“Pick something you would like to see the government change, or add that you feel is unfair…I don’t know, maybe you think the legal drinking age is too high…”


Then it snowballed. Just for fun, I’ll try and post some of the amendments, as they finish them.

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