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Year 3 Day 19- Testies, Testies, 1,2….3?

by admin on September 19th, 2005

This drawing is old school, going back to to a couple years ago. I was re reading some old entries, and this one just made me laugh, at how crazy the kids here really are.

Today was not fun, due to the fact I tweaked a testicle on Friday, and a fairly recent vasectomy somehow complicated the issue– So today was spent in mild pain, with a right testicle the size of a kiwi fruit, and me all janked up on pain meds.

Not that I’ll ever illustrate todays episode, or not that there is even a real reason to bring it up, but it was what dictated my entire day. My back is also sore from sleeping on it wrong. Today can be summed up in one word: Discomfort

So even getting a drawing up today was good for me.

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  1. Paco permalink

    Have fun eating a penguin! That is too funny… only at your school!

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