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year 3 day 15- displaced

by admin on September 13th, 2005

in da club.jpg
This was taken from the last conference I attended…HERE is the link to refresh your memory. Thanks to the real Eddie Murphy for lending his image to the pic.

So today we had testing in MY room, and I wasn’t even giving the test. It was High School Exit Exams…Somehow the powers that be decided that it was in the best interest of the school to have me move out of my room, so they could test there, and I got moved to the library. The library had more than enough room for the test takers…but I guess ruining my lessons for the day was a better option for them.

I just hope they didn’t expect anything too outstanding from me today.

I have a few kids, who just can’t work, and I finally wrote one a referral today, he simply won’t stop cursing, he’s like some deranged pirate.

One young lady today informed me she always wanted to be Pocahontas when she grew up.

“Even though she was a hooker or slut, I still think she was bad ass…i

Funny, I don’t remember that aspect of her portrayed in the Disney version.

Maybe she was watching Poke-a-huntress…

*any movie really called poke-a-huntress, is strictly coincidence, I just made it up….honestly.

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