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Year 2 Day 8- Test Day

by admin on August 29th, 2005

So today was odd. I mean, it went by quickly, and smoothly, but I was forced to realize, that the kids here really ARE NOT as bright as I’d hoped they might be. I kind of thought that maybe it was all surface stupidity, that, if they were given the information in layman’s terms, told just what was expected out of them, and how to get desired results, that they’d perform well.


Today was test day for Economics, and Government. On Friday I put on the board exactly what topics were to be covered on the test (and discussed them). Today I marked them with the- iThe ones with Red Dots are going to be the matching questions… the ones with yellow stars will have multiple choice questions about them… the other 5 are short answer questions. i

I gave them 20 minutes to study before the test… I told them the best way to study was to get the short answer questions answered in your head first, because they were the only questions that didn’t have the correct answer as a choice you could see… then to go on to the other words, and make sure you knew what they meant.

I also answered any questions they had. So basically I told them the answers.

I didn’t have even half the kids pass the tests. Unbelievable. I did everything short of GIVE them the answers while they were taking the test, and they still couldn’t pass it. I cut the number of questions down from the standard 50 or more, to 20… if you just focused on the matching and multiple choice questions and forgot the short answer questions all together you could still get 75% and pass.

Tomorrow I have to break the news to them that they DON’T get the credit for that chapter until they PASS the test… that’ll be a lively discussion.


I have this archaic microwave in my room, which arrived mysteriously… but I used it today… and I know somewhere near by someone with a pace maker was doing the hibbity jibbity… I’m surprised the machine didn’t explode. Put wheels on it you could drive it home- it’s that big.

I got a new government student today, who looks like Eddie Munster, and kind of like Eddie Money too…which is a funny combo. The first thing she said when she came in was. iTHIS CLASS’S GONNA BE TOOOOOO HARD FOR ME!!!… i

Then she came up and asked me iWhat class is this?i

iIt’s Government.i

iWhat’s that.i

iAmerican Government… Congress, President, Supreme Court, Constitution… stuff like that.i

iI have to take that?i

iAre you a senior?i


iYes you do… i

iI’m special ed, and we never did nothing like this at the other school… it wasn’t required for us.i

iI see. Well, I’ll see if I can find you some work for you… .i

That’ll be FUN to handle on a daily basis. I had to talk her off the roof once when she found out we were having a test.

iNo not YOU, you just GOT here… don’t worry about it… i

iCould I sleep then?i

iYes… feel free to relax today… i

I tried to figure out an athlete that I would most be comparable to in my job… and I decidedoManny Ramirez is who I would most be like…

here’s why-

A) I’m a good clubhouse guy. Most people who play with Manny would say, he’s a great guy to hang out with in the clubhouse, fun loving, easy going… and I’d like to think I’m the same way here… on conferences and what not… I’d like to think the iteami chemistry works better with me in the mix.
B) Periodic moodiness. Like Manny, I go through swings where all I do is gripe about how badly I hate it here, and want to go somewhere else. I don’t care where, I’d be better anywhere. I’m better than this… .blah blah blah. Same with Manny and his yearly tirade for a trade.
C) Potential. Manny has potential to be one of the best hitters ever, he’s certainly very, very good as he stands now, even with his mood swings, and knack for taking games, and plays off. I think I have the ability to certainly be the best teacher on this staff, and probably in this area, if I ever stopped feeling sorry for myself long enough to try. I’m planning on trying this year… for real- more on that tomorrow.
D) Wild Style. Manny has goofy hair, and I had a beard and some hair that was damn near unstoppable last year.
E) Bad separation with past team. I left my last school with a deep resentment for them, and them for me in some regards-Like Manny and the Indians.
F) The ability to just take a day off. Like Manny, I just take random days off, because I don’t feel like playing. I’m not sick or hurt, I just would rather be somewhere else.
G) Friends trying to recruit them for their team. Manny has Pedro trying to lure him to the Mets all the time, I have my friend icoachi who is adamant about me coming to his school sometime… and he’s iGOING to get me there… i

So there you have it… me and Manny, we’re pretty much the same. I’m not Carl Everett, or Milton Bradley, meaning I’m not going to snap and go psycho on someone anytime soon. I’m no Doc Gooden… who is going to take off for weeks at a time on a random coke jank… and most other players you’d have to say actually try all the time, whether or not they’re very good. I can’t say Barry Bonds, because I actually sit in my own class… if I was winning teacher of the year awards, and had a TA teaching all my classes, we could go there… but sadly even at my most useless times, I actually am here in person.

So anyway, that was something that I was thinking about… that being said… I’m out.

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