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Year 2 Day 182- This is your captain speaking….

by admin on June 9th, 2005

This is it. The end of the year. The last day.

I should be happier, I get 3 freakin’ months off. I’m already dreading next year. I guess I really thought I would be doing something else next year, something different maybe, or maybe the same thing in a different spot. As it stands now, I will be back, doing the same thing in a different location.

I’ve got my boxes packed up, and labeled. The boxes I didn’t want I labeled for the lady with the big suitcase’s room. I figure she can enjoy unpacking all the stuff I’ve never wanted.

I suppose I should take a few minutes to summarize this year, and reflect how I’ve grown, or changed as a result of having lived through another year.

-For 2 straight years I’ve managed to stay off medication. That’s good I guess. I was closer to thinking medication might be a good idea this year though.

-As always, the blog is good medicine,and a good outlet for venting.

-I tried harder this year, and got just as far as I did last year, felt just as unfulfilled, and still burnt out.

-I’ve packed up my classroom two times this year. Neither time was particularly fun.

-I’ve began work on a curriculum that will be both educational and fun. Too bad I won’t get to use it.

-I’ve come to realize that I have a few people here I really enjoy talking with, and if it weren’t for them, I’d probably seriously have to go on medication.

-I’ve learned that having a principal who is a nice person is important.

-This school gets crapped on by the district at least 2 times a year. The staff, students, and facilities here will always be this districts last priority.

-I’ve learned I’m not looking forward to our new principal… .and the more time that passes, the less I look forward to it. At this rate, I should be downright pissed by August.

-Switching to all desks helped keep discipline problems down.

– I found I do have some decent art students, and when I finally chose to work with them, they turned out awesome.

One thing I’ve come to realize, through my various job hunts, is the more I look, the more I get my hopes up of actually moving on to somewhere productive, and fulfilling, and the more it sucks when it falls through. The more it continues to fall through, the harder staying here gets. Every time I fire off a resume somewhere, it’s like a match gets lit at the end of the tunnel… but it seems that every time it gets lit, it gets blown right out. That always leads me to getting extremely discouraged, and then thoughts of being a elifer’ here creep in my head, and that’s just plain wrong.

If I retire here, I’ll have spent 30 years of my life working, and feeling like a pile of poop.

iWhat did you accomplish in your career?i

iWell I wrote a 30 year blog chronicling my job… which amassed about 6000 pages, and I’m pretty proud of that. I got pretty proficient at using a mouse, and increased my typing speed to about 95 wpm. I drank 1457 gallons of coffee. I discovered 300 different ways to refer to pot. I kept running journals for 30 different state conferences… .and that’s about it.i

I’m sure on some level what I do or don’t do on a daily basis has had a positive affect on the kids I come into contact with, but it sure doesn’t seem like it most of the time.

This year seemed to go by relatively quick, I suspect part of that can be attributed to the mid year move, which almost made it seem like 2 separate years. If next year can move as quickly as this one, it might not be so bad.

In about 2 hours summer will be upon me. I’ll be gone on various trips for 65% of the summer. As nice as it will be to be gone doing something this summer, it will also make the summer fly by, and next year come all that much faster. It will also severely limit the free time I have available to search for a new job.

I’ll try to spend some time thinking how to make next year better, and how I’ll go about making myself able to withstand another year of government and economics. I suppose at some point, I’ll come in and sit down with our new leader and try and get some points across with him on what I’d like to do.

I’ll have several returning art students next year with considerable ability. I’ll be thinking about them this summer, and how together we’ll go about putting the other high school to shame. Mostly though, I’ll be trying to NOT think about this place until I absolutely have to.

I’d like to thank everyone for another year. If this has been your first time flying with me, I hope you’ll make a reservation to fly again real soon. For those of you who have been flying with me for several years, your continued patronage is appreciated. Now for the last time this year, your captain has turned off the fasten seat belt sign, and your now free to move about the internet.

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  1. Paco permalink

    Dang, that mean I have to wait weeks for another update?! Sorry you haven’t found a replacement job, when you do… the captain must continue on, I am sure in a different capacity though.

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