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Year 2 Day 175- Pandora’s Box

by admin on May 17th, 2005

If you work at a school and have never done it, ask your principal to look through the contraband box. Just to see it. I guess every school due to legality reasons and whatnot has to keep the stuff the confiscate from students in a file or something. I just saw ours. One of our other teachers needed a lighter to start a BBQ… so he asked if the contraband box had one. Funny, the box had one of those giant BBQ lighters in it. What kind of kid brings one of those to school?

The box also possessed about 40 Pot pipes, 4 bongs (3 of which were homemade), interesting looking iCough dropsi, cigarettes, cigarette holders, booze bottles, roach clips, half smoked joints, knives, things resembling prison shanks, lighters, box cutters, blunts, etc. It was very interesting. I was afraid to dig in the box too deeply, for fear of smelling like Cheech, but what I did see was educational to say the least.

If you haven’t seen one, I highly recommend it.

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