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Year 2 Day 174- Perm that sucker to death

by admin on May 16th, 2005

I wish I had something interesting to say. Honestly, I don’t. I realized this weekend, that even if you know next to nothing about fishing, it’s still therapeutic to cast the bait out there and try.

That being said, I still didn’t want to come in today.

It’s too late in the year. Kids are becoming less interested by the nano-second. We have one student who is 14 credits away from graduation, and not trying. He rarely shows up, and when he’s here he’d rather talk about cars, or what he did over the weekend than bother trying to complete the last push forward. If he doesn’t pass THIS year, he’ll need to pass the high school exit exam next year in order to graduate… he doesn’t care.

I’m not applying (sending in the resume) for that job in Washington… .it just doesn’t feel right.
I don’t think I could move there. If I’m already having doubts about it, then I’m sure It could only get worse. I don’t want to just apply to places for practice, get called for an interview, then say… ino, thanks though.i

On the bright side, I’m not cutting my hair… .no real reason for that, it’s become an experiment of sorts. If I can hold out, I’m going to perm the sucker next fall.

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  1. Eduardo permalink


    Bring on the Mike Brady afro!

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