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Year 2 Day 171- What’s in a word

by admin on May 24th, 2005

It’s funny how certain words vanish from a school’s culture; like rad[ical], awesome, etc. I thought of another phrase once popular at Jr. High schools across America that I haven’t heard forever. That word is…


I was forced into thinking about this lost piece of vocabulary quite unintentionally. I had gone to the restroom, and on my return I saw a perfectly good pencil lying on the ground. Pencils are quite useful, and being as I always run out of them, I stooped down to pick it up. As I picked it up, a part of my brain flashed back to 8th grade, and I expected to here the word

iSCROUNGE!!!!!i yelled at the top of someone’s lungs, thereby drawing attention to me grabbing a used pencil off the pavement. To my surprise, nothing happend. It occurred to me that the word iscroungei isn’t really thrown out as a derogatory comment like it used to be.

In my day we would intentionally throw change on the ground just so we could yell iSCROUNGE!!!!i at someone who stopped to pad their pockets with some unwanted nickels or dimes. Heck, we used to call certain areas of campus where the poor kids hung out the iscrounge lounge.i Why do words disappear?

I guess words like that have been replaced with new words, words with more bite, like iBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!!!!!!i That’s too bad.

I’ll have to pour some 40 on the curb for the word iscrounge.i

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