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Year 2 Day 157- SURPRISE!!!!

by admin on April 26th, 2005

I have a job interview this Thursday. No need to congratulate me, I won’t be taking the job, even if it gets offered. I applied for a boatload of jobs several months ago, and one of those jobs decided to call me for an interview. The job is in Surprise Arizona, which is about 30 miles outside Phoenix. I’m sure that’s a nice place to live, but after checking the prices of housing in that area… it’s not any cheaper than it is here… so I won’t be going there, unless they by me a house. I will do the interview though, for practice. Knowing that I’m not moving there will relax me, and I’m sure I’ll kill the interview, and get offered that job.

That’s the way things work with me. I always get offered the jobs I could take or leave.

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