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Year 2 Day 151- Delayed

by admin on April 18th, 2005

Well my principal is pretty adamant about us not leaving Friday morning for the conference; he really wants us to stay until Friday at lunch. My colleague and I are still in debates whether or not we’re going to stay. He’s just being panicky. The problem is that he’s going to the conference as well, and if we piss him off he’ll most likely be mad the entire time. I think honestly, the stress he’s having because of getting let go is turning into anger, and resentment with no real outlet, so he throws it our way. If he would just sit and look at the situation rationally he’d realize.

A) The session ended on Thursday, and the kid will stay home for the most part.
B) Every class is showing movies, so it’s going to be a cake walk day.
C) There will still be 3 teachers here, and 2 subs whom are pretty regular, it won’t be that difficult.

It’s an easy situation, but like my friend put it-he’s afraid he’ll have to do something. I think deep down he’s afraid there’d be some huge occurrence that goes down and the district would intervene and find out 75% of his staff was gone, and he’d get in more trouble for letting us all leave. He didn’t get rehired, I’m not sure it’s entirely set in yet. Maybe they threatened him that they’d give him a worse report if he tried to glide by the remainder of the year.

So leaving Friday morning is looking less likely now than it was last week. In a way I feel for the guy, and I’m not looking to ruffle him up anymore than he already is, it’s almost as easy to leave at 12:30 as it is to leave at 8.

We’ll see…

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