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Year 2 Day 138- Post interview reflections

by admin on April 6th, 2005

I had the interview yesterday. I think it went pretty well. I just have to wait a couple days for their decision. I’m pretty sure, like I’ve mentioned that their decision was made up prior to me ever entering that room. We tend to have some people in this district who pass judgement on people based on other people’s information and perceptions, and not from first hand knowledge.

My interview was at 3:45, a colleague of mine was interviewing for another position before me. I didn’t get into my interview until 4:15. I sat and read the horribly written school newspaper from front to back 3 times while I waited. I will say this about it though, it was far better writing than most of the papers I’ve read here. I forgot what it was like to read a coherent sentence.

The interview was iinformali

I know now what iinformali means. I was greeted by a panel of 4 people; the principal, retiring art teacher, another teacher at the school, and superintendent. I had no real idea why the superintendent was there, being as it wasn’t his school anymore… but the rumor has always been that he still runs that school, even though he’s moved into another office, I guess that may be truer than I thought. They said he was there to iobserve the interview processi uhm… .ok.

The questions were the standard interview questions that you would get at a FORMAL interview. Nothing was unexpected, or so difficult that I couldn’t answer. I just did my best to try and convey, I wasn’t coming in to impede the progress of the art dept., I was willing to keep the AP program going strong, and not let it suffer during a transition period. I tried to convey ways I thought I had improved and grown over the past five years. I let them know how I thought I did a good job dealing with kids from all walks of life, from the special education kids, to the AP Honors students. I did a good job.

There were a few times I found myself rambling off on tangents, or circling around the same point for awhile, but I think I addressed every question well. A few times I felt I nailed a response that was better than what they would have wanted to hear. A few times I felt in retrospect, I could have answered a question a little better. The only thing I can really say is, I’ll know more in a couple days. If it’s meant to be, I’ll be back there, if not, there’s something better for me.

The part I hate about the interview the most is at the end, when they ask you if you have any questions. Does anyone really ever have any? I could see if you were relocationg you might have some questions about the new city, or if it was a brand new job you might have some salary, or benefit questions (but most people would ask those after hired) I’ve always secretly wanted to ask them really lame questions, just because they asked.

“Did you floss today?”

“Do you agree with shaving a childs head to remedy a lice infestation, or do you think medication, and boiling his belongings is a better solution?”

“Butter or Margarine?”

“1%, Non-Fat, or Whole Milk?”

“Micro-Brews or Dirt beer?”

“Have any of you ever been shot?”

Hey, you asked….

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    Be sure to keep us all posted… We’re rootin’ for the Captain!

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